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Diligence Lab uses Big Data to produce unbiased personality assessments. Our platform helps hiring managers identify the prospective employees most likely to thrive within their corporate culture.

You need insight

We search through billions of data points.

More than 90% of young adults use social media on a regular basis. We mine this massive pool of written text to produce job applicant personality assessments with industry leading statistical significance.

You need unbiased

Our assessments are free from unconscious bias.

Our platform is blind to race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and misrepresentation.

You need fast

Better technology means faster results.

Other assessment tests and services can take up to 45 minutes to administer. Diligence Lab produces a detailed Big Five personality profile, sentiment heat map, and social connection rankings in less than 20 seconds. Nothing on the market is more comprehensive or easier to use.

Employee turnover is expensive.

The median employment duration for young professionals is only 1.3 years. Using data science to better match employees with employers will increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and productivity. Extending employee engagement has a positive impact on your bottom line.

You need a deeper look

Screening by academic institution or GPA doesn't uncover the best candidate. You need to look below the surface to identify the candidates who posssess the traits that you value and will flourish within your specific culture.

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35 personality traits are evaluated and benchmarked using IBM Watson
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Learn what your target is passionate about and what's important to them
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Unique analysis into the strength and relevance of social connections

Competition for talent is stiff

Recruitment timeframes are shrinking.

Some leading employers have begun making same day job offers in an effort to recruit top talent. Don't lose to the competition because you were unprepared. Use Diligence Lab to get a deep understanding of your recruits before you interview them.

Join our network

Diligence Lab is partnering with the world's leading colleges and businesses to build a network where millions of jobs will be shared and filled. Our platform allows hiring managers to venture beyond their traditional recruitment relationships to have highly qualified candidates presented directly to them.

Bring your employment search and recruiting efforts to the next level with Diligence Lab.

Our innovative technology provides superior results cost effectively.

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