Top businesses rely on talented people

Diligence Lab helps bring them together

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Employee turnover is expensive.

The median employment duration for young professionals is only 1.3 years. Enhanced employee selection extends engagement and provides a significant return on investment.

How much can we save you? Check out our ROI Calculator.

Our assessments are free from unconscious bias.

Our platform is blind to race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and misrepresentation.

Better technology means faster results.

Other assessments can take up to an hour to administer. Diligence Lab produces a detailed personality profile in less than 20 seconds.

How Does It Work?


Profile Your Employees

Employees use Eduction to quickly identify the traits that work well within your unique corporate culture.

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Discover Candidates

Access a curated list of pre-assessed candidates who match your requirements.

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Select the Ones You Want to Interview

Choose the candidates you would like to interview and reach out to them directly with an invitation. Interested candidates will submit confirmation and schedule a date and time.

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